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Episode 205: For Those Feeling Stuck and Confused About Their Purpose pt. 2

Last week, I talked a lot about how a space that a lot of people are in. I believe that the title speaks for itself and we talked about the importance of being transformed by the word and not just inspired by it and definitely, not positioning ourselves on the people who don't have power because a lot of us do.

I talked about the importance of getting into your word and not trying to create this checklist of something you think is going to speed up God doing something in your life, but rather get into your word. Truly understand it, truly get back to the basics, and not try to skip basic training and go straight to the war. Come on Holy Spirit, don't skip basic training and try to go straight to the war, there's a process to the purpose, there's a process to the promise and you can't skip it, you just can't.

God is not going to trust you without you being proven, without you being fortified and we should take it as an honor that he won't give us the promise of the purpose prematurely, He loves us too much for that, He loves His people too much for that. How many people in your life have gotten power before they were ready and you were hurt because of it? So why would you want to do that to somebody else?

But it's all rooted in the fact that we try to make purpose so selfish as opposed to looking at it for what it is which is us just doing the part in God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven, us assisting with His plan. So if you really looked at him as the one who had the magnificent plan for the entire world. If you looked at it like that and understood how there are so many working parts, and that it all has a purpose and He has a plan for everything under the sun. If you really looked at it like that then you would appreciate the fact that he is putting you through this process before you get to the purpose because you'll squander it or you'll hurt somebody else.

And there’s somebody else now who has to pray and fast, and get things off their bloodline because of someone else getting power prematurely. So again, and I said this, last week we talked about how we cannot make purpose so selfish we just can't y'all, we cannot, we cannot. So, if you're in that space where you're frustrated and hear me out here, you're fit I'm not telling you not to feel how you feel.

If you've been listening to me long enough, I told you to acknowledge how you feel, but stand on what you know. So, you may be frustrated at the fact that God hasn't answered some of your prayers or you're still confused as far as what he's doing. You may be frustrated in that your feelings are valid, but you can't stay there because that keeps you from the posture that he needs you in which is at his feet, which is surrender, which is open to whatever it is that he has you to do so that you can obey. It's through your obedience that the purpose will unfold, so again, you can acknowledge how you feel but stand on what you know, that God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future, stand on those things like this, this is a very popular scripture, we know it by heart but we have to live it too. Some of you guys also are in a space where you're doing the things of God; you know you're not at the place where you still want to.

You're not in the waiting season anymore but God has blessed you with some things but you feel like he's far while you're trying to make it happen, you feel like you are tending to these things that he's giving you but you're looking like, “God, I need you, like where you at, can you show me how to do this? Or “God, why do I feel like you're so distant?” And I gave this word to someone this week; I don't have my notebook with me where I wrote it down.

But when I was praying, God revealed to me that in their life in particular they were in that space where they are feeling like God is kind of far from them so to speak. But what God was showing me is that he's not far, he's right there but he's giving them space to tap into a different version of themselves. So there was a point where they were totally dependent on God for every little thing; that was their process, that's what they had to do in order to be able to handle and to be able to be proven, to be able to receive what it is that they have now.

So, they had gotten used to that relationship with God, but now their relationship with God is starting to look a little bit differently and so they perceive it as distance when it's not. What it is, it's just God is now showing them a new version of themselves and so I'm saying this on the show because I believe that a lot of you guys are in that space as well. Like your relationship with God is evolving and you're misinterpreting the season that you’re in as being distant from God when that's not.

What it is he's right there and what he showed me to tell to the person was that he's there, but it's like a parent where you see the child working on something and they want you to just come on. Like, “oh mom come help me with this” because they're used to you just coming and always helping them right then and there. But they're standing back now and just watching and as you don't answer them right away they're learning to figure it out.

They're learning that they're stronger than they thought they were, they're finding solutions that they may not have found if you would have just come and solved it for them. They're now able to tap into different skill sets and abilities that they had because they were given the room to figure it out. So, some of you guys, God has given room because he wants you to tap into the gifts and abilities that he's already giving you.

And so, I want to share that with you because again, I believe that some of you guys do feel like you're in a space where God is distant, He's not distant he's just being a good parent. You're growing up and He has to let you grow up, you're not the baby that you were when you first gave your life to him. You're not the baby you were when you first became an entrepreneur, now it's time to grow up a little bit and he's taking a step back.

He's still present, he's still there, he's still a great father but any great parent knows when it's time to be hands-off, even thinking about me personally with my son. He's six months now and up until this point every time he cried I would run, I'm right there, I pick him up soon as he cries, go get the pacifier, go get whatever it is he needs. I’ll run to him, I’ll grab him, I’ll comfort him but now he's at the age where he has to learn how to self-soothe and so I can't just hop up, run and get him every time he cries.

I have to give him the space to work through to understand like, “oh no I'm okay, I'm safe, I'm not hungry, yeah mommy's not right here holding me right now but I'm okay I can go back off to sleep.” So, he's getting older and I'm still there, I'm right behind, I'm right outside the nursery door, I'm right there. I'm right there looking at the monitor seeing him toss and turn and look around and try to figure out where I'm at, I'm right there, but I can't just go run in there and pick him up and cuddle him the way that I did before.

Because he has to learn now how to self-soothe, how to put himself back to sleep, how to solve whatever problem he's having for himself right then and here. It's the same thing with God, He's right there so for you, whoever this is, if you're feeling he's right there, he is right there. He's right there and considers it an honor that He trusts that in your self-soothing that you're going to get back on track.

How beautiful is that, how beautiful is it that He's such a good father? Another thought that I had about this whole purpose thing is we have to allow our current seasons to unfold and stop rushing them because the problems don't go away once you arrive at wherever it is that you're trying to arrive to. The battles just get bigger, the tests get harder and it's how you handle this the season that you're in now that's going to strengthen your spiritual muscles so that you can handle the seasons that are coming.

Now with me personally, God is really activating my prophetic gift right, I'm dreaming a lot more so I’ve been talking to you guys about dreams. If you've been a listener for a while, I’ve said before that I didn't really dream like that and now that was true, but now God is speaking to me a lot in my dreams. And recently I’ve had some interesting dreams and I thank God that I have people with my life who I can send them to and they'll interpret them for me.

But I had a dream recently where I'm not even going to get into details because it was a lot going on, but the enemy pretty much was in my dream and I wasn't scared. The first thing I noticed about my dream that I was proud of is that I wasn't scared; I saw him, I looked straight at him and I sized him up and I was like “yo, what's up?” I was somewhere, my mom was around and I was like “yo, what's up with him?” and I knew that it was the enemy once I woke up but in the dream, I recognized it as like this demonic spirit but I wasn't afraid at all, I just kept my eye on him and he said something to me like he was paying attention to what I was doing. Like “oh, this one turned out okay huh?” And it was about the retreat actually, and so I was like “what” and I woke up.

That's a very short version and I sent it to the people that I trust to interpret my dreams and they were like, “He was just letting you know that he's watching and waiting for an opportunity to destroy what it is that God has you building.” Waiting for it to end if that makes sense and I even told you guys about the warfare going into my retreat a couple of weeks ago, the enemy just kept telling me to give up, to give up, and to give up. Like “this isn't going to work out, you're going to make a fool of yourself trying to do this virtually, you’re going to look stupid, telling me all of these things and in the dream, the enemy had to swallow his own words. Because in the dream we were at the retreat and he was looking around like “oh, this one was better than the last one” and again, I got the people to interpret it and they were like “yeah, he's paying attention to what you're doing.” “You're entering into new levels; the more and more you obey and grow and God takes you new places, you're entering into new levels and there are new principalities and new spirits and higher-ranking ones that are at these levels that you're going to. When I was thinking about that and when I was talking to them about that it was like, I wouldn't have even been able to handle this some years ago, this would have been too much.

This would have been too much but now, these things coming up with me realizing just what I’m up against at this new level that God has me at, I’m not afraid at all. And the reason why I’m not afraid of what I’m going against is that one, I have the victory of always and number two, my spiritual muscles have been strengthened over the years. God put me on a fast once a week for a whole year, I fasted, I had a whole year of fasting and consecration; I remember the year after that in like 2018, God said “don't have a drink of nothing, no wine, no anything.” “I want you to be sober and vigilant, the whole entire year and that whole entire year” and y'all know I like wine, I talk about it, I did not have anything at all.

I was sober and I was vigilant, I fast weekly now; I’ll go on a fast at a drop of a hat. Through getting in my word, through seeing God giving me eyes to see myself the way that he sees me, through keeping his track record and seeing what he's brought me through. Through everything that I’ve gone up against and felt intimidated by being able to conquer those things because of him, that stuff has strengthened my spiritual muscles so now him revealing more and more to me about what I’m up against, I’m not intimidated at all.

But my spiritual muscles only got strong from working them out the same way if you want to get physically strong, you don't get strong without working out, and working out doesn't feel good, you're sore, it's painful, you don't like it. I work out three times a week, I hate it every time, I do not like doing it, I like to eat and sleep and that is not a recipe for being healthy, that's what I like to do but I have to work out. Because I have to be strong and physically able to handle where I’m going and where I am and the same thing spiritually, it doesn't always feel good to be in a waiting season.

It doesn't feel good to be frustrated about where God has you and to be at this job that you hate knowing that he's called you for more, it doesn't feel good at all; I understand that. I understand it so I don't want last week's episode or this week's episode to make you feel as if I’m discrediting your emotions because I’m not. But I want to remind you though that God knows what he's doing and just we have to continue to remind ourselves of that so that we're not allowing how we feel to take us out of position.

He'll allow you to reap six years' worth of blessings in one year because of six months of preparation, that's the type of God we serve so don't ever think that anything or any season is in vain because it is not. All things work together, all of them; a-l-l-u-m, all of them but also understand that again as I said, the battles get bigger, the tests get harder and in the season that you're in now, this season of being fortified is what's going to allow you to handle what's going to come with the next season. I was talking to a friend of mine week, I called her for something else but we ended up talking because y'all know how that goes; so we end up talking and I was telling her because she was frustrated with some things, like in some areas of her life where she's able to be super obedient and there are other areas where it's a little bit harder and so I was telling her the same thing I was telling you guys about my dream.

I’m like “look, you have to surrender in all of these areas, there's too much that you're up against.” I tell you guys about the book ‘The Seven Mountains of Influence,’ again, Amazon store. Seven Mountains of Influence and one thing that book really showed me was that the more you climb whatever mountain that you're called to, the stronger the principality in the spirits at work on that mountain are. The higher ranking they are, the more strategic they are, the harder the fights get, so there is a rank in the demonic realm; there's ranking there and we are fighting against the enemy and he has helpers.

These helpers get stronger and more cunning and more strategic and more cutthroat the higher and higher you go in whatever space that God is calling you to and you have to bear through the season that you're in and persevere through the season that you're in. Because that's going to equip you, that's the training that you need to handle the wars that are ahead; long-suffering is one of the fruits of the spirit, we all love to skip over that one but that's one of them. Long-suffering or another word of it is perseverance, that's a fruit of the spirit so for as long as you're persevering for God's plan, then you're in line with your purpose.

By simply persevering you guys, you're in line with his purpose for your life because that's what he wants you to do. I can't even list the attacks you guys that I go through; I tell y'all the great things that happen with like the book deal or with the success of Anchored Media and all of these things that we launch in the show and all of this stuff. This stuff is great but lets me tell you something, I fight on the back end that's why I fast, I fight on the back and I get attacked many ways. In this year alone my body has been attacked, my health has been attacked, my marriage has been attacked, ever so much has been attacked but it's through every victory that my spiritual muscles get stronger.

I’m more equipped for whatever fight is next, I’m not afraid to fight because I know that the victory is mine and I know the one who is with me so there's nothing for me to be afraid of. But I do need to understand the conditioning that has to happen for the wars that I’m going to have to embark on or the wars I’m going to have to fight in. So, whenever I am going through something and I am fighting and I am being attacked and I am persevering and I do have whatever emotions I have about whatever is going on, I need to appreciate that season because it's going to prepare me for what's next.

So for you, whatever you're at, understand that your purpose unfolds over time so just relax, inhale with me exhale, relax, and relax; allow your current season to unfold, stop trying to rush it. The fights get bigger so take the time to learn what you need to learn right now so that you're prepared for what's next; as I said, the problems don't go away, you're not going to be problem-free, they might change but you're not going to be problem-free. You may not be dealing with how your bills are going to get paid anymore but there's going to be something else and it’s the strengthening of your muscles that you get in this season that's going to prepare you for that one.

I could not handle the trials of this season without the tools that I got from the last one; let me say that one more time, I could not handle the trials of this season without the tools that I learned in the last one. I just wouldn't be able to do it and so for you where you are right now, I just pray that you take the pressure off of yourself because of this whole purpose word that gets thrown around, take the pressure off yourself, and just focus on what is God doing in this season. God, I surrender, God I need to go back to the basics because I have been trying to skip steps and I need to just get back to the foundation which is our relationship.

And not a relationship where I’m trying to use my works to manipulate you into blessing me faster but a relationship where we're getting to know each other; well, I’m getting to know you and I’m learning to love you. I’m learning who you are, a lot of us don't even understand the characteristics of God and that's a dangerous place to be in when you skip over the basics to the point where you don't understand the characteristics of God. Because you're going to then misinterpret a lot of things thinking that is God and it's not. People message me a lot and they're like “I was led to say this;” look, you were led by something but it was not the Holy Spirit.

And you have to understand when it's God and when it's not and that comes from a relationship; I know when it's the enemy throwing thoughts into my head and when is the Holy Spirit speaking to me, I know. But I know only because of the relationship that I’ve built with God and I know what the characteristics of God are and what are not and I want you guys to go back to the basics so that you can understand that so that you can know him. So that you can know him, can we make it popular to know God? Not know of him, not have second-hand faith, not just be parrots of what tweets sounded good or your favorite dear God post on Instagram.

Like, can we get to the point where we know and have a relationship with God, where the Holy Spirit is our guide, where we look to the word for the blueprint on how we are to live our life for the tools to pass whatever test that comes our way? Can we get back to that because it's from that pure-hearted place; that pure-hearted place of being a man or a woman after God's heart that he's able to really do some things in us.


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