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Episode 249: Executive Planning for 2022 pt.1

In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about the importance of executive planning for your business and covers the 5 areas to focus on evaluating when executive planning. She shares how God was calling her from being an entrepreneur to an executive and what that looked like. She says "When I had that business meeting with God and he told me I needed to switch from entrepreneur to executive, it was because as an entrepreneur, I was so focused on the grind. I was focusing on what it is that I did. And I wasn't focusing on making high-level decisions for a company that I, I am basically in charge of moving forward. And so the result of that was a whole switch." We know that God is the CEO but there still has to be some structure in place and since your name is on the company, taking the necessary steps in the building process will help you along the way. Tatum gives very practical steps in this episode; even for those who don't have a full team. Catch the replay now.

Key Points

Point 1: Tatum talks about the difference between an executive and an entrepreneur (9:24).

Point 2: Tatum talks about mindset and believing that you are an executive (16:09).

Point 3: Tatum talks about the 5 key areas of your business to take a look at when executive planning for the new year (18:16).

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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