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Episode 239: Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse

It is crucial to understand that before anything else, you have to establish a true relationship with God. Many times, we want the things that God can give us. We want our businesses to succeed, we want our families saved, and so on. But we can have all of those things; in fact, God would want nothing more than to give us the desires of our hearts. However, we can't put the cart before the horse. Meaning, God comes first and is supposed to be kept above all of the "things" we desire. In this season, don't move ahead. Learn to stay present at the moment and be guided step by step. Don't rush and try to have the ending before going through the beginning processes. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." I think we get caught up in the tasks of the work we are called to do and it causes our faith to waver. But in this episode, I wanted to take you guys on a journey with me, building this podcast platform was not easy and I never want you to think I just made it overnight. It took hard work, prayer, and consistency with God. As some of you may know, a part of my story is that I didn't grow up in church, so I never had a blueprint for how to commune with God. I didn't know how to commit because I hadn't seen any examples set before me. I had to learn that I wasn't a mystery to Christ. He was aware of everything about me and that goes for you as well. "He knows every hair on our head. He made us, we are fearfully and wonderfully made." Catch the replay of this episode as I go back and share parts of my testimony and reveal my pruning season.

Key Points:

Point 1: I didn't know how to commit to God because I never saw an example of others following their purpose.

Point 2: The transition from religion to relationship and growing my relationship with God was not a cakewalk.

Point 3: Your bible is a tool to learn how to hear from God and build a relationship with him.

Point 4: After building the foundation of your relationship with God, he will reveal your true calling.

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!

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