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Bonus Episode: The Pillars to Biz God's Way

Hey guys, welcome to another bonus episode of the blessed and boss up podcast. On today's episode, I'm going to share with you guys a clip from my session today, actually with the society during our business meetings, with God challenged, I know about a challenge. I've been talking about it for the last couple of weeks. If you want your business meeting with God devotional, we have a restock happening. So we updated the website where you can purchase it. Now the new shipment comes in this month and then we'll be shipping out those orders. So thank you so much for everybody who purchased.

Cause I mean, I would have bought more books if I knew that you guys were going to show out like this. And so we did restock and you can go to blessed and to get that. Now, today with our challenge, we're wrapping it up and I did a Q and a session with the group. And a question came up that I think is such an important question and such a relatable space that I believe anybody who is embarking on his journey of making God the CEO.

This is where you're going to find yourself at some point, you know, it's so relatable to me and my story, and I believe it'll be relatable to all of you guys. And I answered this question and really broke it down and tries to be as practical as possible with how you can successfully navigate this adjustment and the day-to-day aspect of doing business God's way. So to get the whole thing though, is in a society, the replay will be there. You can join an activate, a free trial within the society to check it out. But I wanted to share a clip of me answering this questions.

And sh question is sharing a couple of pillars of doing business. God's way again, the full thing, the full replay is available within the society, but I'm sharing a piece here for you today. Let's get into it.

The first question was in a group, it was from Latoya. And she said that God has encouraged me countless times. And he's also used people to encourage me to work on ideas that he's given me. And then she says, when I start to work on them, I feel as though I'm not doing right or putting it before God or something like that. And so she wanted to know if this is the trick of the enemy to make her feel like she shouldn't be working on those ideas. So how many of you guys have felt this way? Tell me in the chat you can say yes or no. Have you, have you ever felt like when you go to work on these ideas that you feel like you get in this weird space of, you're not sure if you're doing it right?

Yes, yes. Yeah. I figured I figured this was a place that a lot of people find themselves in. And I even wrote in my response to her that it sounds like she is, she wants to do things God's way. And this is my response, initial response to all of you guys too. It seems as if, a lot of times we get into the place where we want to do things. God's way to the point where we start overthinking. And I believe it's a normal human response.

You know, when you really want to please God, and you really want some same thing with like your anybody in your life naturally, when you really want to please them, you might get into your head a little bit like, oh, well am I doing this right? Am I doing that right? And then, because that is not because you can't see God face to face. It's a, it's a mystery there in a sense to where you're not, you may not always get that confirmation or that feedback right then and there that you're doing things the right way. So didn't you start thinking, is this the enemy? Then you might start beating yourself up. Like, oh, I'm not doing right by God.

Oh, I'm not being obedient. I'm doing it in my strife. It's all, it's the mental thing. Am I on? Or am I connecting? Am I making sense? Yeah. Okay. It's really a mental thing. And I wanted to talk about this because I want to make it practical a bit because I do think we, when we talk about doing business, God's way we can get so caught up in like the spiritual and stuff. I want to make it as practical as possible. So I took a couple of notes. Here's a couple things for you to keep in mind when doing business.

God's way that I think is going to give you a little bit of mental peace. First thing first that you need is you need a relationship. You can skip this part. A part of the confusion is because you may not have taken the time to build a proper foundation or relationship with that to the point where you can hear him. When he's speaking to you to the point where you trust when he tells you to do something, no, sometimes he tells us to make scary yeses. So I'm not saying that fear will be absent. It's probably going to be there, but it's not about feeding into the fear. It's about continuing to obey what God called you to do.

And so relationship is a step that you just can't skip relationship to where you can go back to God and say, God, I'm frustrated. What did you mean by this? I'm doing this, but it's not making sense to me. Like where am I getting it wrong? A relationship is where you can have a conversation. Something that I do all the time is I keep like notes in my phone. And so, especially if my mind gets into this place, I'll go for a walk somewhere where I'm away from my environment. And I'm like, okay, God, what are we doing about this?

Because this has come up, I'm struggling with this or that or whatever. And just that relationship is there. When I first, when was this, it didn't hit me until I was preparing for this lab, that there was a period for me. Like I said, I became an entrepreneur in 2015. I quit my job in 2017. And then I shut down my business at the end of 2017. So from 2017, I was in and I didn't start anchor media until 2019.

So this was like a two, one and a half, two year period of no business, just obeying God. And it didn't really hit me until recently, as I was preparing for this was that one and a half, two year period was all about relationship. It was all about being obedient. And then just sitting in that obedience and not seeing how it was going to pan out. It was about, I've learned how to fast during that time. That was a time where I fasted every week for a year. I learned how to fast during that time, I started reading the word and understanding what to say for myself during that time.

I started praying more during that time, like all of the, all of the stuff that happened during that two year, time period, emotionally, it hurts because I was like, I'm not, you know, where's the business, I'm not doing anything. I'm not like I'm not getting that success. All of this obedience is not equating to success. And so it was a very frustrating spot for me during that time. And it wasn't until today that I realized no that time was building up relationship because that same trust of having no job and no income and not missing a bill or a mill that's trust, that's God providing, like he said he would.

So when he tells me to do something in my business, now that seemingly is going to set me back. The trust that I had back then, it's carrying me in this season. And so we, we think that the journey is only relevant during the business building part. But the relationship is, is much more important because the relationship is what's going to sustain you when the business, their relationship is how you're going to get into a deal and you're going back and forth. And the holy spirit says, it's not right. Walk away in that moment. You don't have time to go and go to your prayer closet or whatever.

You gotta be able to hear from him in that moment. But that relationship that you built, that's the time and the preparation for what it is that he's calling you to build. So you cannot skip the relationship. We can not put the cart before the horse. That's why I always say that success is pleasing. God, that's it? Because if you put any other stipulations to it, he's not going to be able to trust you with the thing that he's calling you to build, because you're going to be building an alter for yourself as opposed to winning souls for him.

So again, when we're building these relationships with God, the first pillar to this, I mean, building these businesses for God, the first pillar to this is relationship. And that's probably when you're in that space where you don't have the business yet, that's when you're in that space where, you know, one day you're going to have a nonprofit one day, you're going to start a church one day, you're going to start this company. Or you have started this company and things are moving the way they should. Right now, this is still a relevant season because this is where that relationship is being built. That's going to sustain you when the success comes.

Another aspect to this, this is alignment. So relationship, another pillar to build, to do a business guys way is alignment and alignment is two-fold. A lot of people don't have peace or you have all of these mental roadblocks and it's chaos because you don't know the word. So you gotta make sure. And this is where relationship comes in because you start learning the word and what it says and how we're supposed to live. So it's easier to make a decision when it comes to your business. If you can have that measuring stick in your, is this in alignment with the word?

Yes. Okay. So let me continue to do this. It's not always in a SWAT. I want to be very practical is not always, I'm going to go spend an hour in the prayer closet. It's a simple check. Is this in alignment with the word? Yes. All right. So let me do it. You have your relationship with God already. So it's like, okay, let me just move and invite the holy spirit into my day. God, I opened up my day to you. I invite you instead is that it doesn't have to be long and it doesn't have to be deep, but you have to be present and, and how he is speaking to you in the moment.

So that's a big part of relationship as well. Even before we get to the alignment, that's a big part of relationship as well, making sure that you have an ear to heaven at all times and eliminating anything that makes his voice quiet. Cause he's always speaking. And you know, he always speaks through his word. So that's why knowing the word is very much so important because you need a reference point. So we're moving back though into alignment.

So the first part of this is ask yourself these questions as you're working. And you're, whenever you get confused, is this in alignment with the word? Once you get the check mark that yes, this is in alignment with his word. Now we move on to, is this in alignment with his assignment, for me in this area, for me with one thing that freed me when it came to doing business, God's way is knowing that I have a place in the business. And I think that's another confusion point where we get where we, that's another confusion point that a lot of you guys get to is you don't know your place in the business.

And some of you guys have to get confident that your skillset, your ideas, and the things that you bring to the table are still relevant for his vision. That's why he gave the vision to you. He knew you had what it took to see this thing through. So an example of this is with anchor media, right? That told me to start anchor media in 2019. And he told me that we were going to fill the airways with good news. That's the mission. He told me that we were going to disrupt a lot of the way the enemy has his hand in entertainment and we were going to fill it with truth.

So what I took from that, what have we been able to build with anchor media? I can get as creative as I want to. We got the retreat, we got our programs. We have our planner. We have all of these amazing things that I get to have fun creating. I can, I don't have to second guess like, is this me? Is this God? Because I'm just creating something that's further pushing his business forward. That's further in alignment with his mission. Am I making sense? So again, using the example of anchor media, we can have so much fun with what it is that we do because I'm making sure the mission is still the same.

I'm in alignment with the word and I'll fill in the airways with the good news, because that's what he told us to do. And then also I have a place now I have the responsibility to make sure that happens. So the way that that's implemented with anchor media is we make everybody apply before we work with them. So it gives us. So now the spiritual part is more of an internal procedure with the company as opposed to external. So we know everybody who sat in Christian, everybody who studied Christian is not about that life.

Everybody who talk about God, we ain't always talking about the same one. So it wouldn't have been enough for me to build a company saying like, oh, people who are Christians and have podcasts. That's not enough because I have to put more quality controls in place. If I'm going to fill the airways with good news, I got to tighten up any cracks to make sure that I'm not building alters for the enemy. And so with that on my, on the back end of the business, we have the application process. I'm asking questions about your idea, why you want to do what you do.

We're looking at social media, everybody who works with my company can hear, can hear from the Lord and has the gift of discerning of spirits is it's non-negotiable with working with us. So we know that in every entry point. And so this company into the services that we offer, we are able to filter out and we've built it out a lot. It's amazing how many people try to slip through the cracks, but we filter out a lot to make sure that when we are building, filling the airwaves with good news, we're making sure that what we're offering is actually accomplishing God's mission.

God didn't tell me to have an application process for our company, but it's what I put in place to make sure that I was stewarding what he blessed us with. Well, it was my creativity and my business acumen that I was able to implement into God's assignment to make me that much more efficient in what he's calling me to do.

That's it for this week's bonus episode, you guys, to hear the full thing, you can subscribe, activate your free trial for the slash community. Of course, get your devotional. They'll be shipping out this I'll see you guys on the next episode. Bye.


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