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Bonus Episode: Can You Have It All?

Can I have it all the question of every woman known to man who wants to have a family who wants to have a business with multiple desires of her heart? And she wants to know, is it achievable for her to have all of it? And it's so interesting to me, how society grooms us to believe that we have to choose. I was watching a movie. I watch a lot of Netflix and shows, and that's one of the things I like to watch movies and documentaries and shows and things like that, especially with quarantine and everything.

And so I've watched a lot of movies lately and I noticed a theme and it's pretty frustrating for me. Like there was one show I was watching and the mom, she, when she started having children, she got married. She had her kids, she quit her job and she dedicated all of her time to her family. Then the kid gets older. The mom now wants to get back into the workforce because now she wants to go back to who she was before she had the kid. It's the same narrative. I watched another show. It was the same thing the mom had.

She was this amazing person. She had this career and this promising career and this business or whatever before she had kids. And she dedicated everything to her family. And it wants to, again, she sacrificed herself and her dreams and her ambitions for her family. And I just believe that that's something that is ingrained in us so much that we start to think that we can't have it all. And when I read the Bible, it tells me that he will give me the desires of my heart. So if my heart desires to have it all, why would I agree with anything less than what God said is for me?

And as I'm writing my book, my book is heavily about total life success. And I'm in a chapter I'm in, I'm talking about how the enemy specifically targets the vision of high-performing women. And when I'm talking about vision, I'm talking about mindset because if he can get, get us to settle in any area of our life and he can get us off of the plan in every area of our life that God has for us, even with COVID, some statistics show in. And so many women are giving up their careers because now they want to focus on their families. After all, they realize that or they feel as if they can do both.

So in this chapter, I'm talking about how effective it is, but the enemy to distort the of high-performing women, because we're the type of women where we feel like we can do most things, right? Everything can be figured out. Like, that's the mindset that we have our go-getters. We go after what we want, but if our vision can be tainted or our mindset can be tainted in some type of way, he can get us to settle. And I even was researching just optometry. Right? So thinking about vision spiritually, even thinking about vision in a natural, a condition that a lot of people get as floaters, right?

So you start seeing dark spots and a lot of you may have a family member or experienced yourself. You see like specks and dark spots or something that's happening within your eyesight, that's impeding your vision. And so I believe that the enemy puts floaters in our lives to impede our vision and what God is trying to get us to do. And not just in one area, but what he's trying to accomplish with every aspect of our life. And one of those floaters that identify is our mindset in our agreeance with a lifestyle that's less than what God has called us to.

And so we talked about strongholds in a previous video, and we're linking here a strong hole in a sense of something that the enemy has planted. It happens in our mind when we agree with something, that's contrary to what the word of God says. And so again, I told you how the Bible says that he'll give us the desires of our heart. And I believe that that includes our desire to have the family, the business, or whatever the hats may be that you wear. And so if the enemy can then give a plant a seed to make us feel like we have to settle anywhere, and we agree with that, that then becomes a stronghold.

And that becomes something within our mindset. That becomes a floater that impedes the vision that God has for every area of our life. And so the short answer to can you have it all is yes. It's just a matter of how, and we'll get to that in further videos and resources. But I want you guys to focus specifically on mindset first because before you can get to, how you have to believe that it's possible, you have to believe that yes, I can serve my husband and my family and serve my business.

I can serve my total family, not just the media, but I can serve my total family. I can start my church. I can serve my community. I can serve all of these different things at the same time. It's just a matter of how I don't need to be in a circus, trying to do a juggling after being pulled in all of these different directions, I can have a harmonious life. It's just a matter of how. And so I have a link in the description for you guys or just some scriptures so that you can start the mindset piece, because like I said, we're going to get to the house, but we have to first believe that abundance is our portion.

God said that he will, he will give us light. He came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. He said he can do exceedingly and above anything that we can export or think. So whatever we ask for whatever we believe, God can go a step above that. So why think small, if God is just wanting to supersede whatever it is that we come up with. So click that link, get those scriptures, start meditating on them day and night. Read them, post them, put them everywhere, read them out loud.

No, don't just read them in your head. Read them out loud. Whenever that scarcity mindset tries to come, or those pesky thoughts try to come speak back to those things.


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