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Episode 247: When God Flips Your World Upside Down w/ Kylia Jackson pt. 1

When God pulls you out from where you were hiding, it is a reality check. In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with non-other than Kylia Jackson, Marketing Manager at Anchored Media among so many other things. Kylia is also the CEO of Her Light Creative, Founder of Made Whole, and host of the Organize My Thoughts Podcast. Those titles may sound good but Kylia had to go through a transformation process before she could walk in who God was calling her to be. Having to be healed from the inside out was a frustrating process for Kylia and at times she found herself angry at God. Before she could become whole, she had to figure out her life and her relationship with God. Kylia says: "Before I was any of these things, I was just a girl who was just lost in the world. And my journey started probably around high school where I had gotten into a same-sex relationship with someone with who I was completely in love with. And I was happy. Y'all like I had just graduated. I was working for one of the top companies on my list and, you know had a brand new apartment, brand new car, and all of these other things. But for some reason, I just still felt so empty inside. I had been dealing with same-sex attraction since I was like five or six. So it's just something that I kind of grew into and decided to act on after I left high school. And so I spent five years with this person again, who I was completely in love with, but then I still felt so empty inside. And I even, though I grew up in church. I never really had a relationship with God for myself and I found myself searching for more." To listen to Kylia's story listen to the episode using the link below. This is a talk that you do not want to miss.

Key Points

  • God can transform you from the inside out.

  • Obedience will get you in alignment with where you need to be.

  • Being honest with God about your anger and struggles will help you overcome strongholds.

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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