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Episode 260: The Importance of Godly Community

This week on the Blessed & Bossed Up Podcast, Tatum talks with listener favorites Keviah Watrice, Roslyn Rene, and Dr. Sharla Walker about the Super Society. The Society w/Tatum and Keviah have grown so much over the years, and the ladies got together with their new hosts to talk about the importance of a Godly Community. Tatum created this community because she couldn't find "her people." It was hard for her to find those that she needed to be connected with and the Society was birthed from that. Support is so important when it comes to the things God has called you to do. Don't sit stressing and try to do everything by yourself. Catch up on the episode using the link below!

Key Points

Point 1: You have to get passionate about the things of God.

Point 2: Community is important as it relates to growth.

Point 3: God knew you and loved you before you were saved.

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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