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Episode 253: The Six Figure Set Up w/ Tiffany Gillespie pt. 2

Last week, Tatum started the conversation with Tiffany Gillespie about some of the trials she went through to reach the six-figure mark in her business. She shared how you have to focus on your own business and not look at what the "experts" on social media tell you all the time. Your process may be slower than others and that's okay. You also may have struggled with a poverty mindset in where you either thought you weren't good enough to be successful or you didn't make the right choices when it came to proper investments. Either way, this talk will help you clear up all of the fears you have when it comes to your finances. In this week’s episode, Tatum interviews Tiffany Gillespie, business coach and host of the 6-Figure Set Up Podcast, where they talk about all that it takes to reach 6-figures in your business, the levels to 6-figures, investing in the right resources to reach your revenue goals, and so much more. Catch up on the episode using the link below!

Key Points

Point 1: Tatum and Tiffany discuss the poverty mindset (2:29).

Point 2: Tiffany talks about investing in the right resources and tools that will give the data we need to make decisions (22:44).

Point 3: Tiffany talks about the levels to 6-figures (36:12).

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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