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Episode 251: Take a Digital Break, Sis

In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about the benefits of doing a digital detox as an entrepreneur along with the steps to take to detox effectively. In this day and time, we take in so much, especially when it comes to media and being attached to digital forms of communication. Sometimes you need to take a step back for clarity and obtain peace of mind. If you are frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed then it may be time to take a digital break. There are so many benefits to doing so; one being, you can hear God better as it relates to your own business. Comparison is a trap from the enemy and it's one we have all fallen into at one time or another. So, taking a digital break will also help you focus on your own assignment. It may be a good idea to do a reset, sis. Catch up on the episode using the link below!

Key Points

The Reasons We Need a Digital Detox:

Point 1: It allows you to minimize the noise in your life so that you can hear from God better (17:46).

Point 2: It increases your originality with your ideas (23:28).

Point 3: It allows you to maximize your time (30:54).

Point 4: It brings peace of mind (32:48).

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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