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Episode 244: How to Face Overwhelm Head On

Throughout my journey, I had to fight to not become overwhelmed. There were times when I tried to do things in my own strength and it caused more stress and anxiety. In this week’s episode, I share my recent state of feeling drained as the CEO of my business and in my life and general, and then I share the practical steps I took to address the issue and avoid total burnout. "Life doesn't always go smoothly, but it's important that when there are things going on, that aren't within our control, we recognize it. And we pull ourselves together so that we can get back on track." Then at times, you just need a break. I talk about how going for a walk and cutting off your phone can be key things in overcoming your overwhelm. You have to take control of your day and not the other way around. Listen to the replay using the link below.

Key Points

  • Sometimes you have to take a step back

  • Process your emotions

  • Identify what's causing you to become overwhelmed

  • Take another look at your current processes

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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