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Episode 243: How to Make Money Podcasting

In this week’s episode, Tatum talks about how to make money from podcasting as an entrepreneur and the top 5 reasons that podcasts aren’t profitable. This is a minicourse episode for those who either want to start a podcast or you want to monetize a current podcast. There is money to be made from podcasting as the future projection is for it to be a billion-dollar industry. So, there is definitely room for you to make money on your podcast. Not only can you share your story, market your business, and speak to your audience but you can use your podcast to increase your income. "There is no limit at all when it comes to funneling people into your business." That is what podcasting does, it gives you an opportunity to reach the masses while boosting your bottom line. Tatum also shares more of what she provides at Anchored Media. "At Anchored Media, we’re passionate about helping influencers, solopreneurs, and businesses of all types and sizes turn their expertise into lucrative podcasts that extend their reach, increase their revenue and captivate listeners." Catch up on the episode using the link below where you can also learn more about Anchored Media!

Key Points

Point 1: Tatum talks about the ways podcasts make money (14:25).

Point 2: Tatum talks about the reasons why shows aren’t profitable and how to be different by using your podcast to grow your business (28:20).

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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