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Episode 242: Storytime: All Bets on Him

In this week’s episode, I share a story about pressing through the process and maintaining faith when I wanted to abort the mission. I had to put all of my eggs in God's basket and he aligned everything for me. As I was being called into entrepreneurship and stepping into position as the CEO of Anchored Media, it was important that I sought out God during the process. I started to have business meetings with the Holy Spirit and it changed everything! It is important to pray about everything and allow God to send you the people you need as well as the resources. In this journey, I had to pay attention to the details and the ways God wanted to maneuver me. This is why I stress letting him lead you instead of going about it your own way. All bets were on him and it was scary but so worth it. Catch up on the episode using the link below!

Key Points:

  • A business meeting with God can change everything.

  • God will expand the vision of your business.

  • God can strategically align you to become a key player in your vision.

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!

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