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Episode 241: Let’s Go Back to Chicago

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the blessed in Boston podcast. So yeah, I took this whole week off. I've been relaxing. If y'all follow me on Instagram, I've been chilling, playing golf, cooking with my grandmother. Like I've been chilling because we had our find your voice academy retreat last week. And this is our first time being in person since 2019. And this retreat was phenomenal. I mean more so this time it was a little bit more touching for me because this was the first time that I wasn't doing everything myself.

Like it's usually has been me, my husband and Thamisha. Who's our creative director kind of running around and making every single thing happen. It was the first time we had a full staff for anchor media and working the event. And so next week's episode, I want to really break down the message that God will give you everything that you need, because a lot of you guys are in a space where God has made you some promises or you're believing in God for some things, and you're not sure how it's going to work out.

And so I want so many amazing things have happened. And so many, just so many moments I've been at all of God over the last few weeks. And so I want to just share some of those things, as well as just some pointers and some encouragement for you guys to really help you to understand that God will always give you what you need, but I'm going to do that next week. Once I am fully rusted and able to really break it down in a thorough manner, right?

I don't y'all know. I don't want to just come on here and pump you up to do nothing. That's never my goal. My goal is to always be as thorough as possible and to show and really give you something that you can then take and grow in your relationship with God. One quick church announcement for this week, our business meetings with God, devotional has been restocked. They will be in this week. And so we updated the inventory on the website. So if you were able to get it up into this point, you can access it.

Now also make sure you text blessed to the number in the show notes. So you can get a discount code for 20% off. And yeah, we get that batch of orders in this week. And so those orders will be going out this month. So if you have any questions, of course, you can always email the team. I will get back to you ASAP. All right. So for this episode, I am throwing it back to a message that I gave in Chicago during our tour is all about being a poverty breaker and unlocking wealth.

There are, I mean, this was, this message was from 2019. So there's some of you guys who were here, who were, who didn't listen back then, and weren't subscribe to the show back then. There's some of you guys who were there, but you need that refresher. And so this is one of my favorite messages that I've ever given in a live setting. And so I wanted to run that back this week for all of you guys that are poverty breakers right here on this platform. So without further ado here is my message on how to unlock wealth and breakthrough poverty.

Speaker 1 (3m 14s): I believe there are some things

Speaker 2 (3m 16s): That God wants us to do in here. And so when I was praying about what the message was, it was so crazy. Like I had this drink a couple of weeks ago and it was like a mess. Like it was just a whole mess. And I wasn't sure like what it meant. I was like, well, God, am I supposed to go to Chicago? Like, am I supposed to stay home? Like it was amount of black that canceled, give everybody money back. Like, how was this supposed to work? Like what's going on? I didn't have my message yet. I was high came panic.

And like, what am I going to do? And so I've got confirmation to go. And then God also told me like, you know, you have to do some work. There's like this spirit of poverty over this area. And there's some people or some things I want to do through the people that's there. Like in some places I've called into with some financial highs that I've called them into, but it's a spirit of poverty in that place. So go in there and you got work to do. And I was like are in bed. And so it kind of reminded me of what Cavalli was saying about just the heavy feeling.

And I believe just talking about money in a spirit of poverty is another layer that we're going to be able to break off today. So y'all got some that say no sweat. We don't really go in . So when I was praying and God gave me a specific message, he said that the title of my message is poverty breakers, because I believe that that's what every one of you guys are in this room.

It's no coincidence that this stock was smallest as far as numbers are concerned. And that excited me because when I was like going through with my, putting everything together and like, yes, it's less people that made, it's got handpicked some folks to me. And I mean, it's some specific people in this area that we need to talk to. And that's what I liked too, because that means that if I do my job, if we do our job and you're able to walk out here and then you'll be in your rooms with people and you'll be able to do some things in your family. So I'm excited when I was praying about this.

God said my people are trapped in the cycle of lack of pig. Matter of fact, when we remind, cause I didn't pray. So let me go ahead and pray it. I'm going to get into what God say, father in the name of Jesus. I thank you for today. I thank you for yet. Another opportunity to stay in front of your people. Look out. I think of that. I didn't have to be qualified, but you to use me, but I decided to say yes to the call. So I thank you father for the power of the yes or what you're going to do in the lives of the people in this room. Go, God, I thank you for the things that have already been broken off, but the layers that you've already broken off, the shell that you've already broken off of their heart, Lord God.

And I thank you for the way that the fact that, that, that shell shall never come back. Well, God, I thank you that this message is simply the grand finale for what you have already done more. And I just thank you that nobody will leave this place. The same way that they came, that they will leave this place and be poverty breakers, be generational blessing makers that every generational curse that has made it to them shall stop in the name of Jesus. And instead they will open doors of generational blessings and their blood line will go, God. I'm thinking that as a result of them coming today, that their children's children will be blessed that their businesses will be blessed.

That new opportunities are coming their way. As I speak that their finances will be blessed that they will be better stores over what you have given them. So they're able to multiply themselves. I never, before able to multiply their finances, like never before no longer will they have a lack in any sense and resources and finances and relationships in anything will got up. They do that. These are people of abundance. I'm thinking that things are people of abundance. God, these are people that are holding whole and free guy and father. I just ask that you just speak through me today.

I've decreased myself so that you may be increased in me. Allow every word I speak. Every breath I take to be initiated by you, Lord God, I surrender my thoughts, my intentions, my notes, everything that I have. And I asked you to hack your way. I humbly bow down before you got, I want to win. I want you to just use me like never before with holding nothing. Well, God, I humble myself. I bow down to you. Do not let anything take on inspired. Come out of my mouth. God, the only holy spirit, I surrender my thoughts, my perspectives, my opinions, anything, God.

And I want you to be used to you to be shown through me. Like never before use me. If I never, before I woke up, you have picked every person that is in this room. Father, you kept people out of this room who didn't need to be here, Lord. So father, I pray that you show us why that you use me in this message, God, to show us why Lord and then your people will walk away with everything that they even could even ask for things from this event or God in Jesus name. Amen. All right. So, so the word that's in my table are trapped in a cycle of lack of pits of not having enough, but tell them that they are, that they are in this room.

They are poverty breaker told them that they have everything that they need right now to change the tide of their blood bark. That lapse shall be a thing of the past and abundance has their name on it, but it starts with the mindset. The enemy keeps them captive by wreaking havoc on their mind. They need to walk by faith with the mindset of wealth. Speaking back to every thought that rises up against what I say about them. They must distance themselves from every person and situation that pulls them back into law.

Well, well isn't about the dollar amount. It's about the habits, the details, the commitment to the taken care of what I've given them and using that to produce a finance and the only way to break poverty and to produce wealth is through me. And sometimes I've of got me. I guess we go on there today. We're going to be talking about poverty and money. And if I will guide, we know property breakfast in the work room. So what we want to do, you know, we, we want to be people of action. We don't want to just be here as, as a word.

We want to be doers of the word. And so he gave me four keys that I'm going to give you, or we want to talk about unlocking well and breaking poverty off of your bloods. I y'all cool with that. Okay. So point number one is you have to love God and that money. I'm gonna say that one more time. You have to love God in that mud Bush you will never get wealthy by chasing money.

You will only get wealthy by chasing God. Deuteronomy eight 18 says that he gives us the power to produce wealth. He gives us the power to produce wealth. In order for you to produce wealth in your life. It has to come from that. It's not going to come from money is not going to come from. People is not going to come from that opportunity that you've been crossing your fingers for.

It was only going to come from God, but we're a lot of us mess up is we need a mindset shift. I think a lot of us, it's not intentional, but we unintentionally make the success and the business and the money and idol. Anything that you put before God is an idol. Your desire to have platforms becomes an idol. If it outweighs your desire to please God.

And so some of us, you may be like, well, I don't love money. I love God, but your actions. Ain't really saying that he's a God of what you say. There's even in a word it talks about. There's plenty of people who use my name or do works for me, but their hearts are far from me. So a lot of us say that we love God and I don't love money, but your actions and everything that you're doing, your business is trying to security bay, but your soul is off. So in order for you to unlock the wealth, you have to go straight to the source.

And speaking of success, we got a first attack, like what is our measuring stick rod definition of success. And we stayed there earlier. A lot of us look at success as whatever I'm able to accomplish the impact on able to make the, the, the say success is and will always only be plays and die.

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That's just for more info. Let's get back to the show

Speaker 2 (13m 44s): And God and chin check me on this a few years ago, because I was in Jeremiah. He hadn't read in Jeremiah was on this Bible study and I'm like, why am I in Jeremiah is out of order. But one is long and super repetitive. And as the person, because Jeremiah is out here, warning people and telling people stuff, it wasn't nobody listening to him. He tried to kill him. It was all of this going on. I wasn't a happy chapter to read. And I was like, well God, why are you? Why do you have me here? What's the what's going on? And he's like, I'm trying to change your definition of success.

And this was like, in the beginning of the year, he was like, is everything on your vision? Board is things you want the Porsche Panamera, white chocolate got it up very specific. It was one year. That's what I wanted. You want the house in Potomac with the 10,000 square feet, the pool in the backyard. These are real things that I want. These are things that was on my vision board. I wanted the millions. I wanted all of this stuff. And God was like, you're chasing these things.

All of your goals are in alignment with you getting this stuff. What about me? You're using me as an accessory to your business. As opposed to me being the way the children are alight, Jeremiah was successful. He was poor. Ain't nobody like them, but he was successful. Why? Because he was obedient to God. And that's where a lot of us miss it. And we say, we love God. We say that we want to do his, will we say that God is the CEO, but all of your actions say that you actually love money and wealth and success, or that the definition of that more than you love pleasing God, you say to love him, but you don't do what he say.

I don't really add up love is not only a now to suburb as well. So the first thing before we can even get to the apartment breaking before we can even get to the well is we have to do a mindset shift on what actually is and what, and more importantly, what is not, there are so many people we'll get to a scripture about that. Quest. So many things and broken, sorry. So much money. So much influence. So much stuff that we look at and we can and value, but they're not happy.

They hadn't even been by themselves, big old house. And ain't nothing in it stuck, but no love. So then you guys got to love God and not money. When I was growing up, I told you I'm a mother was successful at a network marketing company. And I grew up in a house where we love money and we acknowledged the guy. So where we was in church on Sundays, I had no choice. My mother was like, if you can go to the club, when we gave you go to church on Sunday, I was just the rule in our household when I was in church on Sundays.

But nobody was really living a light that was pleasing to God. We had all the stuff like I don't want to have him find his magazine. We was in a successful home magazine us. We got the range rovers. The Mercedes is half a million dollar home. And PG county is beautiful. They built it from the ground up all of this stuff. No, God, if you look at the interview is, oh God got me here. God got me here. No, you're not even you're chasing this money, but I have relationship messed up because you, we don't know each other because you were so busy.

You were so busy. Say chasing success and accumulating all of these things. So now I look good, but I'm broken on the inside where I don't even know you. What you don't know me, but I know all the five star restaurants, you be the DC though. So up, I'm going to vomit. I consciously took that into business because I saw the successful business was I saw what being a wealthy in that sense and had all the money was, but I hadn't been seeing what pleasing God was.

And God had to deal with me and shift. My mindset of success is not things it's pleasing me. And until you get on board with pleasing me, I'm not going to give you what it is that you want after you get it, you're going to ruin it and make your situation worse off because you didn't do what I say. Kumbaya talked about it earlier. Initially is I'll give, give it, give you to you and you get the money, the money get you because you're not pleasing. God. So turn with me to Luke 16, 13, and we don't go to a couple of different scriptures and write it down.

If you don't turn to it because we got to get out of the habit of taking people's word for it. Go find the scripture that they talking about. Don't be sitting in nobody's pull pages, being manipulated, because you want to be wealthy. That's not what we talking about. Views. Yes. I know prosperity message to make you feel good and make you go out there and get everything. No, this is about getting you closer to God and all that other stuff is going to happen. As a result of that, you're not going to pimp God into getting us something. That's not what we about. And it's so many people that are in the pulpit with Opower doing all these performances with no real power.

And it's not enough of us holding them accountable because we not fact-checking, we're not testing the spirit. The Bible says to test the spirit. If somebody is talking to you, when they say it says this and this, and they don't say that something's wrong, but you don't even know. Cause you might get a checks. So whatever scripture I tell you mean like right now look succinct 13. I'm going to read it up there and not being version. It says no one can serve two masters. Either. You will hate the one and love the other.

Or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. The thing about this faith walk is this an open book test, everything that we want from God, everything that we desire. There's an answer already there. If you desire a wealth, there's an answer already there. If you want to know what it means, a word that fits and making him the CEO and you being wealthy, it fits with him being above everything because you can't love him and money.

You care. There's a difference between kingdom success and worldly success. Kingdom success gives you the money to thing as well as peace. That surpasses all understanding as well as joy as well as your kids, loving you is whether you be in this in addition to you being a good steward over your household, with you being a good fixture in a community, you serving that, all of that stuff is promised to us. But we me feeling like I can't have it all, like I got to chase the bank. I got to chase. No, if you pursue God, he will supply all your needs.

And he will give you the desires of your heart. But we can't love both him and money. I've got to see people make business decisions. Like any people that I've seen on social media, they've always got something for sale. It's like $20 baddest with $20 sway off someone else. The next thing someone else went like why I'm suddenly all these low calls, like what are you really doing? What are the real businesses? Like? What, what are you actually offering? But it's just let me offer something cheap to a lot of people to make a quick buck.

That's a hustler's mentality, not a servant of God. I'm not a hustler. I'm a medium to God. And because I'm obedient to God, I get to do less work and make more money. So we, again, we cannot love both God and money. I want us to turn to first Timothy chapter six versus six through 10. I say one more time. First Timothy chapter six, verses six through 10. You want to read it in both the NLT version and the message version.

I think the message version does a good job of bringing light to a lot of like the core principals, but okay. It's also an important. And when you are reading the word that you are reading it in different translation to kind of see what, which one sits with you, you know, sometimes you got to go old school and go to the king James version. Sometimes the message version helps. And then as you mature, you can go to something more simple, but always researches and like different translations. So what it says in verse six.

Yeah. Yeah. True godliness with contentment is itself. Great wealth. After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world and we can't say anything with us when we leave it. So we have enough. If we have enough food and clothing, let us be consent. But people who want to be rich, fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction for the love of money, not money, but the love of money is the root of all kinds of people.

And some people craving money have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many salts. And I don't read it in the message version to a devout life does bring wealth, but it's the one rich simplicity of being yourself before God, since we entered the world penniless and we will leave it penniless. If we have bread on the table and shoes on our feet, that's enough. But if the only money these leaders are at, but if it's only money that these leaders are after, they will self destruct all the time.

I think, but trouble, go ahead. I mean, down that path, some lose their footing in their faith completely and live to regret bitterly ever after it is, God is telling you the consequences of loving money is destruction is trouble. Is the straw. I don't want to be destroyed. I don't. So like I said, it was an open book test. We got to shift our perspective and what I love about the message version. It said a devout life brings wealth, a devout life.

That was great web, but it's the rich simplicity of being yourself before that. So I would say, yes, if you follow God, you will be wealthy, but it's your content fix that is going to make you wealthy. If that makes sense. So it's not the ax is not the strategies all the time. It's not the , it's not the, the rich that we had is not the products and services is a devout life brings wealth, but it's the risk simplicity of being yourself before God.

How awesome is that? That we can simply be ourselves before God and he will make us well. When was that talk about earlier having business meetings with God. That's what that's about being yourself before God, God, I don't know what I'm doing. You've called me to this area of business ministry, whatever. I'm not what you call me to be wealthy. I don't know how to acquire it. What do you want me to do? That's you being yourself before God, you be on vulnerable before God, he will tell you what to do.

And it's so crazy how things will come together. Like I think about the podcast, I got it and told me to start the podcast. I wanted to start a podcast, but God used it in a way that I would've never even thought to the point where when I first started the show, I just wanted to start it because I was looking for a show that talked about the journey of entrepreneurship. I was tired of hearing. People will like whenever I lead us Sage, I'm so successful. Here's how to be successful on me. I wanted people who were just building something from nothing. So just tell me how it is.

That's all my money and I couldn't find it. So I created it. Then after doing that, God started to say, give me a structions, get rid of the cohost, change, this, change the name duties things. And I was just doing them. Talk about this this week. And I'll talk about that. That we have a business meeting with God, we'll be doing X. So I'll talk about this. Okay. Let's talk about that. Within the first month of changing some blessing balls up the numbers doubled I'll file this work. Cause at first I didn't think so. I was like, who wants to talk about God and business?

That's not really how we were taught. It was always you leave business stuff, business, and you keep ministry or, or God's stuff in a church. It was never entered to mine in a way. And so I was like, Tom, really think this going to work, but all right, whenever, because it was more fun when you got minted. So sorry, I'm going to do it. It has to work at this point because I'm putting all of my eggs in your basket. That's for this past week, I go to New Jersey. I wait to Atlanta, I get a text message from a friend of mine that CNBC the network was looking for a podcast producer to produce a business show that they were put it together.

And that's looked at and started laughing because it was like, oh my God, this will happen. Like when you follow God like this, the things that happen are just hilarious. Cause it's like, I ain't go away. So I was like, okay, well let me, let me not even get too excited. Let me focus on Atlanta. Cause I got to do what God sent me there to do. That's my main priority. We'll worry about this later. So as we came home the next day I got everything I needed together. I reached out, I had a call like a few weeks later or maybe no, a few days later I had to call.

So then that led to the other day, going to New Jersey for this meeting. So in this place, like feeling like what in the world. And I told him a good game too, because we're all we got into like the bar. It's an ability of a husband and he drove me there and he was like, all right, look, remember these are like regular people. So don't get in there for the small class. I didn't feel as small. And I know who I am like, I'll take, I got God with me. I'm not going here and kill me. Like I have my soul in that mode because I wasn't going to go away and be acting like I don't belong.

There. That's a benefit. I got, I don't, I don't know these people, they all white and they all men. So I don't say it all day in my mind was only God that got me here. I'm rolling up circles. I'm from PG county, everybody black. black. the same. That's the only big God. And so I'm in like the lobby. And so y'all watched shark tank. So Kevin will marry Mr. Wonderful, like walks out. And I was like, huh .

So the guy comes and gets me and is so we go up to like the little meeting rooms or whatever. And so we talk in and he asked me about like my pocket as experience and stuff. And so on my resume, I put like the sex of the show up for like other shows that I've worked on and stuff like that. And they're like, wow, our podcasts don't even get these types of numbers. How were you able to do that stuff? That way? I feel like if you're like on X turtle, I'll be like, yeah, well, you know, the strategy was yada, yada got in my mind.

I'm like, no, don't even know, but we're having, they're just so impressed. Like you've been able to do what wow. Like our show isn't even listed in the top was hot in the business podcast. Our show wasn't even a top, nothing. Then we wouldn't even reach half of these numbers. And they're impressed with me. And I'm sitting there light following God, say yes to what God has told me to do.

When he has said that I will make us a seat at the table for you. I ain't go searching for no opportunities. I wasn't Googling producer jobs. I wasn't looking for none of it. And the best part is it's like, it's something that you will have to do that I to spend a lot of time with, but it's free land. I ain't drunk. I'm going to come here and do what I got to do. We'll go home. Cause I'm not aborting my mission for you either. So don't think because you don't, you call me and you CNBC, I'm on to stop what God is doing. When he, the one that got me here, it's not going to happen.

But just being in that space, I was like, oh my God, you can't tell me loving God don't work. And then the money is money. I'm doing what God has been doing for the last two and a half years. And y'all are just going to pay me for it and pay me good money for it. And I still got some going on to chain and God has blessed me to be able to put people in place. So now the amount of businesses able to still run without me being as hands on.

And I'm like, man, if more people would just stay in a way that season and not abort the mission because it don't look the way that you want it to look.

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Speaker 2 (33m 56s): I remember when all I had was a journal, a podcast, and a book trying to figure out how was this a business and how I'm in a room with people trying to figure out who, why now? And you got the nice little job. You got the good LinkedIn page where you're in the newsroom, smiling. this little black girlfriend, PG county company hair like, oh yeah, I know I belong here because the dot I started got me in here. And I'm not about to come up here and act small because I'm not with this means, yeah, this is a door that will be open.

Cause it's, I'm sorry if I don't have it. If I get this opportunity or not, does not matter to me. It's what it represents. It's the lesson that I learned. If it's, for me, it will be mine. I did my heart and there's four for me will be, was not school too. I'm so blessed. But just the simple fact of following God got me into these places. What made these little people have places where somebody I would watch on TV every day and you're walking past like getting up and saying, Hey, but again, this is why we have to love God and not money because loving with not loving God, all of those things, I want to come.

All of the monies, this is going to come. I remember like a child on he, like if there were negative credit cards and ran up, cause I have nothing else got to humble myself, eggs my boyfriend at the time. Like I can't even get my nails done. I can't even pay this bill. Like what I am DEP I'm following God. But I got to like humble myself in these waves. That's uncomfortable.

And so just to think about being, so think about how hard it was to wake up some mornings like, oh again, I wouldn't feel like going through these emotions again today. Like just trying to get back to the bay. Like then I got to get on this podcast and talk to like, God, why you got me doing all of this stuff. But he said, trust me said, all right, it's a one day made it to the next day. And it was David's accumulated. And the things started changing things started coming and it's just so crazy.

How does everything that he's blessed me with? Everything that I saw is so negative, mainly qualified to be able to do the things that I'm doing, what it be like with a media company. Just God just gave me the idea for that in may. We actually sold out retreats at the end, ended a year, working on a show in LA. Yeah. We're going to do it for free for six months. That's not that that's an investment in myself because as soon as you see those numbers, please, where they always come in their set month and you won't pay my work because I've proved it.

So just again, you guys, you have to love God and that money, the money will come and we'll come and we're gonna get it. It's a scripture. That's going to explain that. But I also want, just want to just drive this point home a little bit more time with me to mark 10, 17 through 31. Again, that's mark 10, 17 through 31. And I'm going to read out the message version.

And this is about a rich man who had all the stuff, but he's not going to answer it to God's kingdom. It says, ask you went out into the street, tell them about Jesus. A man came running up, greeting him on break rabbits and eggs. Good teacher. What must I do to get you to, to life? Jesus said, why are you calling me good? No one is good. Only God. You know the commandments don't murder. Don't commit adultery. Don't steal. Don't lie.

Don't cheat honor. Your father and mother. He said teacher. I had from my youth, I kept them all. Jesus looked at him hard in the app and loved him. He said, there's one thing left though. Go sell whatever you own and give it to the poor. All your wealth will then be heaven. Totally. Well it come and follow me. 22 says the mass space clouded over. This was the last thing he expected to hear. He walked off with a heavy heart. He was holding on tight to a lot of things and that about to let go.

He was holding all types or a lot of things and not about to leather. Looking at his disciples. Jesus say, do you have any idea how difficult it is for people who it all to answer God's kingdom, the decision I was going to believe what they were hearing, but Jesus kept on. You can imagine how difficult I would say. It's easier for a camel to go through a needles. I then for the rich to get into God's kingdom, that's sent the disciples back on their heels. The who has a chance at all. They asked Jesus was blunt, no chance at all.

If you think you can pull it off about yourself. So every chance in the world, if you let God do it, think about that. No chance at all. If you think that you could pull it off by yourself, every chance in the world, if you let God do it, we were trying another angle. He said, we left. Everything is following you. Jesus said, mark. My words, no one who, sacrifices houses, brothers, sisters, mother, father, children, my whatever, because of me and the message we'll lose out.

It's hard. It's hard. It turned a lot of that. Y'all put whatever you sacrifice here, where it says houses, brothers and things. No one was there. Mark my words, no one who sacrifices their job, who sacrifices, their comfortability, who sacrifices, everything that they know, whatever, because of me and the message will lose out. They'll get it all back. But multiply many times in home, brothers, sisters, mothers, children, and land put just stuff in there too.

But also in troubles. I mean, it's clear here. We won't have to go through some stuff, right? But it's not again, nothing that you sacrifice because of God. And the message will nobody who sacrifices because of that, because we'll lose out, they'll get it all back, but multiply many times. And then the bonus of eternal life. This is once again, the great reversal, many who are first will end up legs. And the last will be first sometimes.

Oh, you guys think that because you've given us so much for God, because you have given up your comfortability, maybe money or whatever. So follow him that somehow that you, you are a born to miss out there because you dropped everything that you were used to, everything that made you comfortable to follow that. And somehow you're going to miss out, explain what mark my words, hold me accountable. Then nothing that you sacrifice for me and my message. That's watch. I get it right back to you. And this song watch I gave it right back to you.

And then some, well, many of us are abandoned because of the sacrifice, because we started putting our trust. Now with money, we're looking at money or lack there. We're looking at our circumstances and thinking we're in last place. But he said the last shall be come first. So it's was important that we change our mindset and put ourselves in a position to understand pleasing. God would never be in vain. Everything you sacrifice is coming back to you. When this song he will give you double for your trouble.

So before again, before we can even get to the poverty brick, and we got to get into the right state of mind. Now, when I get into this spiritual fight, I'm getting back everything. If not drop everything right now, we don't talk about counting the cost and a big, we're not drop everything right now to follow God. I'm getting it all back. So you have to count on that. That's how you encourage yourself in these seasons where it's saying like it's not working out. I couldn't like, I swear like that way the season was so brutal because same like everything I'm doing in band, like I'm barely pulling myself together to talk what I want to show.

But he said, because you were faithful because you did what I told you to do with my people. I'm going to expand your territory. I'm taking you to the nations because you were able to handle a four city. So I'm going to take you to the nations because you, Dan, what I said, because you're sacrificed. I remember even this tour, when he got into that game, it was like last year before my wedding. So what? No money, like already had nothing, but it really wouldn't before, but listen, plus whole nother category, like it's crazy.

But I was like, how was this going to get paid for? You got signed contracts and pay money before tickets even sold. When it stopped being changed before me for travel all over the country, it's not cheap. So I'm like, hold on now, God, like how, how was this going to work? Like the money is not looking right. And I don't no media company back. And I went to go see him. He see me in the back there. I was at home crying, drop her off the road, but he, but I trusted him. And here we are with more than enough, ain't no billable on pay.

Ain't no, no contract. He broke it. Ain't nobody. I mean, I had to cut some costs cause I was like, listen, this is, these couches cost like a thousand dollars. So they got go about what Alteryx city's a little much, but like we made adjustments, but it wasn't out of lack. It was our responsibility. We are responsible. But there was nothing that guy called me to do on his tour that we were not able to do. But I say yes before I even saw the resources for it. So because I put my trust in him and because I followed him, it was obedient to him.

He gave me more than I could ask for. What am I going to do? What? I could come here and spend a whole week. And we wanted to go do a whole bunch of stuff. Like we could do whatever we want back when it's sending, like we would, could barely go out the gate. So again, you guys like the key, the biggest key, the biggest key is to love God and I'm money. Cause everything else I'm talking about is not even going to matter. If we don't get past step one, Steptoe, Kate, number two, to be in a poverty breaker.

If you have to become a fighter and not enough, if you both have, you have to become a fighter in the spirit. There are so many of us who are externally tough, but spiritually soft. If somebody was to come at you right now and like push you, you will be like, oh, like what should go away? But the enemy just backhand and us all over the place and we're not doing anything about it.

Being a party record means it's time for you to stand in a gap or your blood lab. Maybe it's time for you to go to war. It's made a time for you to square up in the spirit and not be spiritually solved. So not let your feelings dictate. If you won't pray that day, your children's children are counting on what you do right now. There are people who are attached to you. Do what you do right now. We got this whole group. Our one job was me actually, who was on a podcast the other day and like a few other people at our job.

But his group is to fast and pray for the people that died. It's over. That's all we do. Everybody's a successful entrepreneur. We could talk about business all day. We probably would make a lot more money if we did that. But that's not what worked together for where he is because everybody has platforms. I got a podcast, actually got YouTube. Courtney got a huge Instagram following I'm Scott I'm w E she's going to Latin like Africa and stuff like that. So there are a lot of like different places that are connected into us. And so we've been praying of these sorrow prayers like, oh God, if you would just pay this bill or God, I don't understand what's going on.

My son is acting crazy. And I was just fine after the podcast was over. So you have to have to become a buyer. Bergen, generational curses. Aren't for the spiritual assault. It's not, it's wrong to say like uncle to be a change maker in my family, everything won't stop with me. Are you writing for that? Cause it's Tommy to square up. If so, it's not going to be easy. It's not something that you could just cry your way through. You probably better be speaking in tongues and crying.

You got to be fast when you're crying, you better be declaring the word and crying, but so just lay down and take it. I built those for top flight for us to be able to break these generational curses, we cannot be spiritually solved. We cannot go to look. I might say. And those with just a couple of my favorite scriptures, some will read that. Of course, Luke say nine saying yes, Holt.

I'm giving you the authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you. Matthew 18 verses 18 through 19 eight, Matthew 18 verses 18 through 19. It says truly. I tell you whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. And whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven again. And surely I tell you that the two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for.

It will be done for them by my father in heaven, we didn't get up and write our expectations and hold hands because it was cute. We did it because we were fighting for what not wanted to do it for what he wanted you to receive today. If anything of the scripture says that nothing shot hurt me. If something hurt, it is a liar. It is wrong. And it got to go up and I'm going to call it out because I have the authority. I don't have to go to somebody else. I don't got to go to the pastor, but me to claim the victory over my marriage.

No, I don't want to go straight on my face before God. And we're not on the same page. I'm going to die. I'm not beating down him. I'm not just going off on him, trying to get him to act right. I'm going straight to God, God, can you change his heart? You changed my heart and my perspective at a situation, what do you want from this? I'm giving it to you. So it was important that we fight you guys. We cannot be spiritually salt, five for everything that you want. You want that successful business.

Go to war that almost success, but I don't want it without you. So what you need from me in this season. So that was point number two, you guys become a fighter. Keep them a three is stewardship. This is kind of hard. Make it more money will make you better with managing it. Some of us don't need more money, but needs to be better stewards of what we have. We don't need more opportunities. We need to better leverage the ones that we had.

We don't need to other platforms. We need to leverage the one that we had. I don't go to nobody else to show me talking about nothing. Why I got my own, I could speak and put it on the internet reached for a hundred thousand people, wipe that. What are I'm coming to you for? Cause bottle McDonald's they with a bill, something that I have to say, I'm going to give him the glory for it. I didn't need an opportunity. I needed it to be on me. Hey, Hey, you could be applying everywhere or SM outside CNBC offices already.

Did you say about me because of what God did store ship is defined as the care management and handling of resources. It is the font as the care management and handling of resources. So I want to share with you a couple of ways you could be better stewards because I really think that this is just one we got to take and like apply. Cause it's hard. It's something that requires action.

First count the cost. So three days count the cogs. There's the scripture. I'm a reference is Luke 14, 25 to 34. I'm a really out the message version. But this one is about counting the cost and context wise though, this is actually talking about counting the cost to be a disciple of Jesus. So it was about him saying that you have to basically give up everything in order to follow me.

But there are a couple scriptures within this story that I think really apply to business and something that we could use to be better stewards. So let's skip down to verse 28. It says, is there anyone here who planets to build a new house? Does it first sit down and figure out the cost? So you'll know if you can complete it. If you only get the foundation late and they're run out of money, you're going to look pretty foolish. Everyone passing by would poke fun at you. He started something he couldn't finish, or you can imagine the king going into battle and this another king without first deciding whether it is possible with his 10,000 troops to face 20,000 troops of the other.

And if he decides he can't well, he sent an Emissary and work out a troops. And so this, again, the context of this though, is about being a disciple of God. But I think if we pull these out, this is a really good lesson. As far as business is concerned, a lot of us have these goals and these ambitions and these ideas and things. And we don't know how to decide for one. The first step to that is count the cost. How much does it cost you to do the thing that you're trying to do when it comes to being a steward over your resources, you got to count the cost of the decisions that you're trying to make with the money.

And this is kind of going back to my policies and procedures and things in your business because I was so used to for awhile, just having enough to kind of do it the next day. So then when we got to a point where the business was doing well, and we had excess money to where it was like, well, I got water now, what do I do to make better decisions so that I'm not only keeping the money I have, but I'm not like just throwing it away. And so one of the things that that BJ does BJ is a CPA. And he's like in charge of all the finances in my business. And so one of the things he put in place was policies and procedures to where, like I can't spend a certain amount of money without justifying it.

So if I want to spend more than like $500, I got to justify why I want to spend that. How was that going to your return on the business? And by me sitting down and actually doing that, I'm like, I really don't eat that, but that's counting the cost. What does this 500 will make me before I am? That's the any type of coaches or anybody to pour into me. I need to be able to clearly see how your me investment. You was going to make me my money back. How am I going to get a return on investment? It's not always about money, but how am I going to get a real return?

That's me about paying you because if it's not there, if it's all smoke and mirrors and you just got cute, you gotta have follow. When they cute graphics. That's not going to work for me because I need to know I'm getting back triple what I put in. So you, but that's about counting the calls, being a store over what I have. I'm not saying that lets me with more money to invest in this person, have less people, more money to invest. I'm looking at what we have is a smart, how can I be a better steward over this? Like counting the cost of the financial decisions that are being made.

So just a little business thing y'all got, gotta count and get why, because so many of us just out here thinking that we want to be managing our finances well, and it's just not our ministry. That's why God made account on turbo tax. I know about it. Cause they're not going to help you be able to make good financial decisions like there's laws and things that even Trump has put in place that are actually beneficial for entrepreneur. But we don't want to know cause we don't want them ourselves.

So just some off topic, but definitely get you an accountant or somebody or the finances because you need an interview for the show. That's going to air opinion like two weeks where she talked about you need a wealth team. And that's not something that was talked about enough in business, a wealth team. And we were talking about this. The subject was home ownership as entrepreneur, but she was talking about the importance of a wealth team, like a good accountant, a good realtor, a good lender, stuff like that.

But that wealth team, time to thing just really sat with me different. And I think that's something that we could do as well to be a better steward instead of investing in this, this event or this culture, whatever right now, because it feels good. Let me give you the count. Honestly, I think that accountants aren't really that expensive. It depends on what they're doing. Like if they're just managing your books, that's really not as expensive. But if you're giving you like financial advice, it's probably more, but that's something that you really need because that's going to help you be a better steward.

So again, you guys make sure that you're counting the cost in your business. The next principle under the stewardship subject is the Joseph principle. So Regenesis and I'm having to go read the whole thing. I'm just going to reference it, but write down Genesis 41. So to make a long story short, Joseph was in jail and he met these two guys and he was like, interpreting their dreams or whatever. And so they ended up getting out in jail. And when they say they got out of jail, they was going to help him get up. They didn't.

And so he was still with jail best forward. They, the Pharaoh at the time kept having these dreams and dreams. It was like, I can't remember specifics, but it was basically like seven of abundance and a seven of like lack. And then the lack was eating the abundance. And so get the two drinks back to back. And that, that has remember, oh, we met this dude, Joseph in jail, who, who interpreted our dreams pretty accurately. Let's go get him. So they went and got him and he interpreted the dream basically saying that there's one of these seven years of prosperity and there's going to be seven years of family, but there's prosperity years of where are we need to prepare for the family because in abandoned, because we prepare during this time, we'll be able to not only help our community, but help everybody else.

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Speaker 2 (58m 7s): Joseph saved one fifth of everything and that's 20%. That's a stewardship rule. Save 20%. We know there's a recession coming is come. It will not affect you. If you're a steward, I'm recession proof. As far as I'm concerned, I wait, I'm waiting for it. Cause shouldn't have the housing prices going down. Let's go ahead and get up in there and buy a house for the low and what a recession over their property value go up. I'll cool, whatever section, because they don't want to affect me. So this is a way that you allow yourself to be prosperous during it.

Then at 20%, 20%, that's the Joseph principle. And it's funny because this is something that I started implementing recently. I was reintroduced to this principle a few months ago and I started implementing it in my business to where I get a salary out of my business. And so I kind of do whatever I want to do through my salary. Not necessarily the business. So I'm looking at like my salary and I'm like, yo, all right, I'm going to implement this, this Joseph principles. I'm gonna save 20%.

Every time I get paid every two weeks, which sucks. Like I can try as be debt to pay me every week if you like that. But, but yeah, anyway, I get paid every two weeks. And so I'm looking like Pam saving 20% every time. And so God checked me recently because I wanted to bodies believe Baton boots and they are so cute. I've tried to tell it, but I got so cute. And so I was like, and God was like atrial trauma. Isn't one of your financial goals to boost your retirement account.

Isn't one of your financial goals, like in the next three to four years to buy a home on your own and use that as an investment property life. Which why, why are you doing it pay when you're supposed to, it's cute. Those bizarre, these boots obeying you all the time. And I get some nice, got like girl. And so I was like, okay, how can I be a better store? Like, all right, I'm gonna keep using this 20%. I'm keeping us out of this 20%. They're at the top of the year, I'm going to take the money. I'm going to put into a high return investment account savings accounts.

Ain't gonna really make you no money for real. So I'm going to take this and put it into like an investment account with a really good interest rate and just allow that to continue to multiply, to get me further towards that goal. And then we'll revisit the resources then to be like, okay, now what do I need to do for the housing goal? But that's like three to four years from now. And so I'm looking, I'm still worried. I'm not saying God, give me more money. So I could boost my retirement account. I'm using this principle shit. I'm looking at what I had and how can I make better use of what I had to build a wealth that I'm going to build.

So build a retirement account to, I never want to open my mouth again. I'm financially fine. It is something that we don't talk about enough as entrepreneurs, how to sustain. We shouldn't have to be getting jobs to get a house and all this stuff like that's not how that works. You should be able to live off of the money you make from your business, but we have to be better stewards again. So the Joseph principle is something that you should guys should really start implementing. Lastly, and this is timing. Give that 10% somebody else gave the 10% God says, Hey, Malika, the same scripture I use with toddling about praying to Todd for the talks into the storehouse.

But it says, and test me on this. I'll see too many places in a battle where you say, test me. He said, test me on this and see if I'm going to open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you don't have room window to story. So when at time I'll be like, listen, God you say, cause then when you make more money, don't tell him to try and get a lot better. Okay. before the whole big thing.

But I even like the enemy really tried me in the last couple of months because we were in between churches. So where's my money going to go. So I'm like, so I think he was like, you're not going to hold him towards, he found her Navaho toy. Listen, no warning. There would be good. Oh, Tom was my good boy. So I'm like, nah, God, where do you want this money to go? Even more, depending on who am I sending it to? And every month he told me exactly where to send it. But traditional, traditional old school churches would tell you, like, you got to give it to a church.

God bless them people. And it was no greater feeling than to call somebody and say, Hey, I just put a few thousand dollars a year account. And they like, excuse me. Yeah. It's just talking about telling you like Todd, I even gave it to my grandmother's church the first time. And she, they were old school Baptist church, like still build and fund or buy in they're over 65, like old school, old school. And, but they all just love God. They still have fish fries and everything and raise money.

Like it's old school, but they just, just old people who love God. And God said, give the money to your grandmother's church. I'm like, all right. So I called and was like, Hey, like, how do I give? They didn't even have a way to give them a line. She was like, go to the store, get a, he goes to the bank and get like a check. I'm going to get those shots, which I go to pay. Like, what should be, I walk you through how to figure out how to do all I'm given. She's like, okay, okay. Okay. I'll figure it out.

So she called like a treasurer or whatever. They had their little meeting you could pay online. So she calls, she was so excited. Cause I never admitting was for people to pay online before. And so I was like, cool. I'm like, I'm a good scout as mom. She was like, all right. I don't think she expected how much I was going to get it. So she gets on getting it. And then she called me and was like, okay. I was like, did you hit like a wrong bite?

Did you like hit something wrong? Like, I don't think that you were supposed to give me that or give us that. I'm like, no, I hit the right button. And my dad told me to give and I wanted to give my task to y'all this month. But she was just like, she not crying. Oh my gosh, my first one you calm down. I'm like . So she just began to tell me, like, we didn't know, like the air was broke. It was like super hot in DC in this time, like 97 degrees every day, everybody in there. Oh, like I said, like she was saying just like air was broken.

We didn't know how he was going to make payroll. We were just really just believe in a golf or a miracle. And she was like a nail. We have everything that we need in this song. And I was just like, wow. And I tell that story because I think so many people would doubt typing because you're worried about the wrong things. It's not about any of that. You're worried about. It's about giving God back was he is. And if you don't have a church home and being able to lean on him about where you should send your funds, I didn't even think about them when he came to that.

But he heals me to like, bless that. And again, I'm not, I'm not trying to give them no platforms and be out here playing with like, it's not going to happen. So a way to be a stalwart is to tie the, when you tied, you have tithers rights. You put your finances in like this protector when you tie and he doesn't just bless you financially, but he blesses you with other ways. But tithing is something that we need. And a lot of us, the reason why I seem like we can't keep money. Every time we get it as fit, something always happened to carve right down window.

But like, whatever is because you're not timing time. See what happens test time. One day he sent me. So that was point number three, you guys are key. Number three is stewardship or recap. Key. Number one is love that. K number two become a fighter. Key. Number three is stewardship. And if you want the ABC a is, count the cost biggest the Joseph principle and see his timing.

And number four is multiplication. If you want to be a poverty breaker, you have to be able to multiply yourself and the resources that you have. And this is something that you really have to seek God on. And because of time, I'm just going to give you the scripture reference instead of reading it, Matthew 25, 14 through 30, and this is the people with the talents, Matthew 25, 14 and 30.

And in this story and a message back by boys. If title was eight, the investments. So some people call the people with the talents, but in this particular version, and I might have you call it the investment where God gave one, this amount, that amount, that amount. And let me, I'm actually, I'm going to like me. I'm I won't play so 14 starting with verse 14. It says it's also like a man going off of an extended trip. He called his service together and delegated responsibilities. So one, he gave $5,000 to another 2000.

So what third, 1000, depending on their ability they left, right? The first Sergeant went to work and doubled his master's investment. The second did the same, but the man with the single thousand dug a hole and carefully buried his master's money. After a long absence, the master of those three servants came back and settled up with them. The one who gave $5,000 showed him how he had doubled his investment, his master committed him.

Great work. You did your job for now. I won't be my partner. The next, I just want to say that. Oh, verse 22 says the servant with the 2000 showed how he also had dealt with his master's investment, that his master committed him. Good work. You did your job well from Nemo and be my partner. The certainly day, the 1000 say there's not many words to use master. I know you have set high standards and had careless ways that you demand the best and make no allowance there.

I was afraid I might disappoint you. So I found a good thing, a good hiding place and secured your money here. It is safe and sound down to the last cent. The master was furious. That's a terrible way to live. It's criminal to live cautiously like that. If you knew, if you knew I was after the best, why did you do less than the least? The way she could have done would have been an investor. Some with the bankers where at least I would have gotten a little interest, take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most and get rid of this place safe.

Who don't go out on a limb, throw him out into the darkness. Think this is a great story about multiplication. What is God able to tell you with how you're currently handling the things, your talents, as well as your finances, as God would have tell you, good work, you did your job well from now. Won't be my partner. Or is he, or is he going to say you played a sake. You ain't, you day less than the least.

So as risky to follow guy, because we're going against what everybody's saying, the business owner should do. We're going against all the gurus and our various arenas. We're going against the status quo. But when risk comes great war. So multiple multiplication is so important. We have to partner with God to see how we could better multiply the things that he has. You could even look at your business and see what you come off. The black, if I'm a coach, okay, I could do.

I had my culture programs. That's one revenue stream at the speak for pay. That's another revenue sharing. I could come up with some type of course or something. That's a little bit more passive, but it still meets the needs of someone in my audience. That's a revenue sharing. I could start a podcast, build it up to a certain amount. That's a revenue stream because I'll start making money with advertising and filtering more people into my business. And depending on what it is, I can maybe create some other products or something like that. Another revenue Sheree, I could package, map, not mask my message into a book.

That's another revenue stream. There's so many ways to multiply what we're doing. What's you're about to really have that business meeting with God is sitting and seeing you gave me this. I don't want to just bury it. How can I multiply? Yeah. Everybody in his room is a poverty breaker and this case I'm going to be so important. And you and your implementing of these Kings, it's going to be, so of you changing the topic, your family of you closing the door to any generational curse.

Doesn't open in the door. It's a generational blessing. I'm to run through them one more time. Number one is love of God and not money. Number two, become a fighter. Number three, stewardship, and then number four multiplication. Okay. So I want to give you guys, we've done this at every city and it's just been such a blessing that I want to give an opportunity for you guys.

If you feel like anything, I said connected with you. If you really want to leave some things here, like the altar is a place of change way. That'd be a no charge that had no altar. God will meet you here. So if you want to come down, we're going to pray. We're going to have you do is like, hold hands. These are gonna play some music. I'm going to pray over you guys. And it combined with, want to pray over you guys, and then we won't be done. But I do want to give you guys an opportunity to come up. Anything you want to leave at the alter? We don't leave it here cause I nobody changing the way that they pay.

Okay. So feel free. I'm going to put a gun to you today.

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