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Episode 240: Mailbag

Where does your loyalty lie? In this week's episode, I talk about the importance of trusting God even when it seems crazy or doesn't make sense to you. I was once in a season where God told me to shut down a business that was on its way to making 6-figures. I was a bit heartbroken and confused, but I had to go back to the commitment I made with God in my closet when I promised to follow him if he lit a fire inside of me. It has been a journey to get to where I am now and most things that God called me to do were not easy. I had to deny my flesh. I had to say no, often. I had to do things in such unconventional ways but I didn't want to do things that wouldn't matter in the end. I wanted to make an impact and do things God's way. "He's making a seat at the table for you so you can work strategically and have peace of mind because you have the one who knows all working on your behalf. Like that's a level of peace." There is a calmness that comes from going at God's pace and it's much more sufficient than doing a whole bunch or nothing. In this episode, I also answer some questions I get often about my journey and share with you guys the process of building The Society w/Tatum & Keviah. Catch the replay of this episode now and listen for the first time or refresh your memory!

Key Points:

Point 1: There are practical ways to keep God in a growing and successful business.

Point 2: You have a choice of transitioning from hustling to peaceful work life.

Point 3: Time with God was major in adjusting to my new life as a mom and trusting God with my child.

Point 4: You can create a community from scratch and do it in God's way.

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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