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Episode 238: Don’t Overcomplicate, Commit

Sometimes you don't have the strength to fight this battle on your own. In this season, God is calling many of you to sit with him and commit to being in his presence. My heart was very heavy this week and I felt that I needed to go into intercession for those of you who are frustrated, confused, or plain ole tired. You are probably overcomplicating the things that God wants you to do and it's causing anxiety, extra warfare, and maybe even depression. In this week's episode, God spoke through me as a vessel, along with my two guests. I was feeling the need to invite some other ladies to intercede with me and God placed it on my heart to bring in LaTyna Jalieba of Flawed and Free as well as Dr. Sharla Walker of God, Goals, and Girl Talk. Before we got deep into prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke these words "My daughter, I can't send you these things you're asking me for. I can't send you to these places that you're asking me to send you to, because I can't send you into battle without equipping you with the blueprint and the battle plan. But the way that you get the plan, the way that you get the blueprint is that you come to me, you commit to me, you abide in me. You seek ye first, the kingdom of God. And then all things will be added unto you." That is a mouthful in itself. There are some heavy warfare prayers on this episode so you don't want to miss it. Catch the replay of this episode using the link below.

Key Points:

  • God has given us the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

  • You have to be prepared for battle first

  • Prayer is a weapon against the enemy

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!

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