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Episode 237: Protect Your Space

It is very important to protect your space and understand what God is wanting you to do. This week on the Blessed & Bossed Up Podcast, I shared thoughts on women who are called to be powerhouses; which is you. At times you may feel like you lack the validation for the magnitude of things God has you doing. But I am here to affirm you and let you know that because you are so special, it is urgent that you protect your space. “When you have these insecurities or you're not confident and settled in who God has created you to be, you then become vulnerable and susceptible to the counterfeits, the leeches, and the spirits that the enemy will send to throw you off course.” I was not always so confident in who God created me to be and so I prayed for the discerning of spirits. It took me a while to figure everything out but there were some red flags I couldn’t ignore. All of the situations I found myself in, was a learning experience, however and I realized that my sense of humility was actually underlying insecurity. Recognizing that my confidence came from who God was rather than my own strength, helped a lot along the way. So, “understand that you're that girl because God created even in the quirks and the things that are different about you, that makes you stand out, you still are royalty. You're still a Royal priesthood, a chosen generation. You were called to be set apart.” To listen to more of how I was able to protect my space in different seasons; catch the replay of this episode.

Key Points:

  • Pray for the gift of discerning spirits

  • Surround yourself with good news

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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