Bonus Episode: How to Tame Your Inner Hustler

Hey guys, welcome to another bonus episode of the blessed and bossed up podcast. This is our midweek episode, where I want to give you inspiration and guidance so that you can get over the hump and just get more content and more resources to grow in your life and business. Before we start, I want to remind you guys about our devotional that was just released. It's called the business meeting with God devotional. It's a 90 day devotional for faith-based entrepreneurs. This is not your average devotional, but it's a space that'll help you finally connect your spirit life with your business life.

A lot of you guys hear me talk about making God the CEO, and you have all of these questions and you want to see God on behalf of your business and your endeavors, but you want to know how. And so I created this tool as something to give you some tangible guidance each day, there's a text about various things within that text, there is an assignment at the end for something for you to pray and seek God on when it comes to your business meeting, there's scripture there. And there's also a space where you can write down notes and downloads that come as you spend time with God, I love the devotional, but I do understand that accountability is important.

And so I want to hold you accountable to seeing this thing through. So we are doing a 10 day challenge starting from August 2nd to August. Here's what you can expect. We're going to do corporate prayer, the group with women who are like-minded on fire for God. You're going to get a daily video from me to get your mind flowing throughout this challenge. There's going to be a session with my girl. the she who was called mobile app and the app outlet called how to practically walk with God.

And that's going to happen on August 5th, that I'm going to come in and close us out with a Q and a session happening August 11. Listen, we are a holy spirit led company. So this is what we're saying is going to happen. But unbelief believing in God for a lot more to happen over this 10 days. And I'm going to be doing this challenge with you. I'm going to be doing every day of this devotional with you. I'm going to be seeking God and petitioning heaven with you. And I'm excited because I know that we have this foundation, but I am believing in God that the holy spirit is going to move on behalf of your life and your business and take you and your relationship to new depths.

You'll also get access to our business, meaning what God bundle, which is going to include three masterclasses that are all centered around faith and business. So here's how you can join. I want you to text blessed to 8 5 5 7 7 3 1 0 5 7. It's in the show notes. So you don't have to worry about writing it down. When you text blessed to that number, you get 20% off your devotional. Then you just visit blessed and to purchase your devotional and sign up for the challenge.

All of this is happening within the society. So you'll also get to all of the other amazing things that we've done over the last two years within the society. So there's a lot of value here, and I'm super excited to be hosting you guys and just doing my part and what God is doing in your life. So that's it for that church announcement today's bonus episode is all about how to attain your inner hustler. This is something that I have to constantly do. And when you're doing business, God's way, you have to keep your flesh in check.

And a part of that is keeping your ambition and check your passion and check and making sure that you're applying your passion to God's plan and not trying to figure things out on your own. That's the difference between doing things your way and God's way is if you're acting on an already established blueprint, or if you're trying to figure out a blueprint yourself and a huge part of just making sure you stay, the course is taming that inner hustler. So I want to share this episode with you guys. This will be available on my YouTube channel soon at Tatum, to me as those subscribe to the channel, to keep up with all the videos that are there.

But without further ado here is how you can tame your inner hustler. See y'all on Sunday,

We'll talk to you guys about insecurity and comparison. When it comes to business, we talk a lot about making God to CEO. We talk about being obedient. I did a story time and we'll insert that story time video here about just some years ago, when God told me to shut my business down and the emotions and things that happened back then, and at that time insecurity and comparison were present. But I found myself recently back in that place.

And because it's like, I pray for where I am now, right? I mean, I have there so many things that were once just line items in my prayer journal with like tears on the page that God has blessed me with. But I found myself recently in another way to season kind of where it's like right now, my God, I, I want the next thing. Like I want the more, I want the, like the six figures, a nice, but I want the multimillions like we, we get what you blessed us with our home.

And we bought this great house, but I want the dream home. I want, I don't want just to be self-employed. I want my husband to be self-employed and we both be full-time building this business. And so it's nothing wrong with wanting more, as long as your motives are correct, it's nothing wrong with desiring more but something that I realized within myself recently is that when, what insecurity and comparison does is they make the details of God's plan.