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128: Mirror

About this episode: A conversation circled around the importance of fully walking in the responsibility of who God called you to be. Tatum shares a series of events where God has placed a mirror in front of her. A mirror not only showing her who she is but showing her areas in her life she needs to improve. Tatum also talks about the importance of our “Yes” to God. When we say “Yes” to God we are saying “Yes” to everything he has planned for us, even the things we much rather not be apart of. Tatum ends this episode reading a dynamic prophetic word from God about moving into the season God is calling us to. “I will not be made a fool of” says the Lord.

Verse: Jeremiah 1:5

Time Stamps:

12:05 Tatum talks about the responsibility of saying Yes to God. Your “Yes” cannot be conditional. 16:26: Accepting the call means accepting the responsibility that comes with it. Dying to self. 17:04 Tatum talks about the dangers of fighting with who God has called you to be. 21:03 Tatum talks about watching our emotions and the things they are stopping us from doing what he called us to do. 21:52 Prophetic word from God.

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Bossed Up Takeaways With a great platform comes great responsibility. You are wasting time fighting who God has called you to be Move on from any person,place, or thing that is out of season.

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