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120: Unclog

About this episode: A conversation circled around our clogged business and personal lives.

In this episode of the Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast, Tatum talks about how clogged entrepreneurs can become while on their journey of making God the CEO of their lives. She shares an on time revelation of what the Lord has spoken to her.

“My people are clogging up their businesses with things that do not apply to them. Their minds are cloudy. They are running on a hamster wheel not getting things done. A lot is going on with no clear vision, no clear objective, no clear goals. Other than they want it to work and they want it to be successful.I need them to unclog their eyes and their ears so I can get straight to their heart. My voice is getting drowned out by the noise. Teach them how to unclog!”

Time Stamps:

16:17 Sometimes investing in yourself is getting before God.

19:02 Tatum gives practical tips on how to become unclogged.

19:22 Tatum give pointers on how to approach God on getting unclogged.

20:25 Tatum talks about missing what God needs from us because everyone’s voice is louder than God’s


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Bossed Up Takeaways

Step back .Take a break from everything.

Get off social media.

Close the laptop.

Get before God.


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