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Episode 248: Organize My Thoughts with Kylia Jackson pt. 2

After trying to figure out who God was calling her to be, Kylia had to address all of her thoughts. As a creative, she would always get visions of things to bring to life. But she was healing at the same time and it took work to address her internal battles. On the outside, people thought Kylia had it all together. Though in a same-sex relationship she was happy and had all the "things" people feel like make you successful. However, reality hit when Kylia started sharing her story of breaking the chains of homosexuality. She faced criticism and it hurt but it also pushed her into her walk with God. We finished up our talk and Kylia expressed her hardship of ending her five-year relationship but through heartbreak, she found her purpose and started the Organize My Thoughts podcast. Tune in to part 2 of our conversation. You can find the link below.

Key Points

Point 1: Kylia talks about dealing with criticism after sharing her story with her circle in real life and online (3:15).

Point 2: Kylia talks about her journey of beginning to read the Word and how it carried her through her toughest season after ending her relationship (8:20).

Point 3: Kylia shares tips for people who are just beginning their journey of reading the Bible (10:43).

Point 4: Kylia talks about the process of her business being transformed and growing as an entrepreneur (14:09).

Point 5: Kylia talks about creating a system of execution so that we don’t sit on the visions God gives us (22:08).

Point 6: Kylia talks about her podcast, “Organize My Thoughts.”(24:54).

Point 7: Kylia talks about making your personality submit to your purpose and the importance of obedience (33:13).

To catch the replay of this episode click the link below!


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