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The Blessed + Bossed Up Podcast was born in early 2018, taking over the platform formerly named the Black Girl Boss Podcast. It is hosted by Tatum Harrison, an entrepreneur from Washington, DC who realized that her entrepreneurial journey and spiritual journey were not intended to be separate, but rather one in the same. She creatively merges faith and business, teaching listeners how to grow in their personal endeavors, in their relationship with God, and their entrepreneurial endeavors. Each episode takes a deep dive into personal topics, leaving listeners inspired and ready to take action in their own lives.


This media kit provides an overview of the podcast. Blessed + Bossed Up is currently available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Podbean, Stitcher, and a host of other podcast directories. 

About Tatum 


Host of Apple’s Top 100 Business Podcast, Blessed + Bossed Up, Tatum Temia Ayomike, MBA is the founder and CEO of Anchored Media -- a multimedia production company that curates and develops faith based original content. In a short two years, Tatum has lead her hit podcast to reach over 2 million listeners in over 50 countries all over the world. Sponsorships include Audible, AwayTravel, Warby Parker, and more. Through her podcast house, B+BU Network, she develops and executive produces shows for individuals with a unique story and perspective to share with the masses.



95% female

5% Male


59%: 25-34


12%: 35+


43% Have Household Income Of

$50,000 +

Other Important Demographics to Note:

  • Audience is primarily African American

  • 47% of our audience has a college degree

  • Audience consists primarily of entrepreneurs and individuals considering entrepreneurship


Monthly Listens:


Listens  per Episode:



Ad slots are available in three forms: 30 second pre-roll (first 15 minutes of the show), 60 second mid-roll (the halfway point of the show) and post-roll (last 15 minutes of the show).  Slots can be purchased individually or in a combination. 

The price break down, which is based on industry standards is:


Pre Roll Ad- $634.50

Mid Roll Ad - $881.25

Post Roll Ad - $634.50

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