118: Relationship. ft. Latisha Carr + Jaynay Chanel

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Tatum, Latisha, and Jaynay working on their businesses together in Miami

Episode Title: Relationship

Guest: Self Care Strategist and Life Coach Latisha Carr | “The Teen Whisperer” Therapist Jaynay Chanel

About this episode:

A conversation circled around the subject of faith.

Episode 118 of the Blessed and Bossed Up podcast is about the faith aspect of entrepreneurship.

Tatum and her guests Latisha Carr and Jaynay Chanel give practical examples of how they have built their intimate relationship with God. The ladies talk about that very moment that they noticed that God needed to be the CEO of not only their lives but their business as well. Without question they also talk about the biggest struggles that had to face while on their faith journey and how they have found ways to navigate their hardships.

Time Stamps:

10:06: Tish speaks about the decision she made to date God in order to build a relationship

13:04: Jaynay talks about how she learned to trust the voice of God by listening and testing his voice.

24:00 Tish discusses the systems she created to remain surrendered

45:24 Tatum discusses how to handle the lonely season

57:53 Tish offers self-care tips for the blessed + bossed up

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Tatum's favorite study bible: Life application bible

Bossed Up Takeaways

  1. Get a Physical Bible

  2. Asking God for every step regarding your business.

  3. It’s lonely because it’s valuable!!

  4. Surrender Everyday : “God not my will but your will Lord”



The Blessed + Bossed Up Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches purposeful women how to be uncompromising in their faith, business, and total life success with God as the CEO. Get ready to be empowered, emboldened, and receive divine strategy to fulfill God’s plan for your life and business. 

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